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Hardware BenchMarks

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CATlogo2b.jpg (13371 bytes) Every one of the Hardware Manufacturers claim they have the fastest, best value machine.... Don't understand SpecINT & SpecFp numbers & what effect these have on your CATIA throughput? Well we shared your frustration & here's the answer...

In co-operation with CATIA Solutions magazine we devised CATBench® to test systems in scenarios that we developed in-house .

The first Benchmark CATBench '99 (which was published in the July/August Edition of  CATIA Solutions magazine) was carried out using Version 5 Release 1 code & included 3 scenarios:

Scenario 1: Simple Part Design & Analysis

Telephone_sm.gif (10145 bytes) In our first scenario we model a simple plastic part, using shelling, drafts, patterning & then analyze the part using Generative Part Stress, once we're happy we use Generative Drafting to create drawings of the part.


pres_stress_sm.gif (8404 bytes)

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Scenario 2: Complex Part Design & Analysis

Bellhousing1_sm.gif (8654 bytes) Similar to the first scenario, but far more complex; we design an Automotive transmission housing & run some pretty complex modifications. Again we'll run GPS to analyze the part & once we're happy we'll use Generative drafting to produce detailed drawings.

We also output IGES & DXF files to send to our suppliers.

Bellhousing_stress_sm.gif (9931 bytes)

Scenario 3 : Large data Set Manipulation

Production Line2_sm.gif (12195 bytes) OK, now we've designed our transmission housing, let's manufacture it in a small production cell.

This scenario uses over 300 native CATIA Version 5 models to model a manufacturing cell. It models are fully constrained.

This scenario really tests the I/O & graphic sub-systems of the machines.

To see who has the fastest systems for running CATIA you can see the results yourself by going to an on-line version of CATIA Solutions Magazine, you can even purchase all of the benchmark models on a CD-ROM with directions on how to run the benchmark yourself.

We plan on running CATBench 2000 in the new year running CATIA Release 5 Version 3 & extending our modeling scenarios. Let us know what you think!

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